Hello, I have some questions for glitch

So I am wondering what language was glitch coded in.
And is there an pc download for glitch like replit?
Why isnt there an discord server for glitch?
why is glitch not open source?

No, the Glitch editor works perfectly well on computer online. There used to be a VS Code plugin, but this was sunsetted, due to changes to the Glitch Editor.

There is an unofficial one at Coding on Glitch, but this is not an official line of communication for Glitch like the forum and support ticket system.

Glitch is a commercial product; by open-sourcing it they would be allowing people to make their own versions, removing the commercial aspect of their site, essentially bankrupting their company.


The “pc download” for repl.it isn’t actually by repl.it it’s just a community effort. Some people have tried to make something similar but there’s not really much to add to the experience right now.

Hi @Freshy717, these are some great questions!

“So I am wondering what language was glitch coded in.” There’s a bunch of layers to Glitch, most written in Typescript!

“And is there an pc download for glitch like replit?” Nope!

“Why isnt there an discord server for glitch?” We want users to help each other out in a way that can be indexed by search engines so others looking for help can find it, which is why we use this forum as our “town square” for Glitch. There are unofficial servers out there, but as we are a small company we don’t have the resources to full-time run and moderate an official server in a way that keeps everyone safe, friendly and getting the help they need.

“why is glitch not open source?” I, personally, would love for us to one day be able to open source the different layers of the platform! This is another big project that requires resourcing that we don’t have yet - it’s a whole other job (or two) in itself to maintain an open source project of this size. But if you’re interested in seeing how an editor is built, we do use CodeMirror for ours, it’s a great project.


so answer to the last.
It’s kind of open-source, like glitch has a github organization here where it open sources some things like…

  • friendly-words - project name generator and passwordless login code generator.
  • wetty code for their terminal, slightly modified to work better on mobile
  • rbd-docker-plugin plugin that provides the pnpm store in glitch
  • dotenv - .env file loader, not 100% sure it’s the same i
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Nice! thanks! I am just looking to create an app and website the is replit + glitch together kinda. And I am looking forward to ask more stuff

If you prefer developing locally, you can use this program I made to help transfer things to Glitch



Now that Glitch doesn’t have a VSCode extension, would it be possible to make one using this Snail CLI?

Last time I looked into this, it ended at the conclusion that the vscode remote development extension is not open source.

That extension supposedly can work over SSH. One way that might work is to run an SSH daemon inside Glitch and connect to it.

You can’t connect directly, but SSH lets you specify a “proxy command” that supplies a simple bi-directional binary stream, and it’ll work over that stream. You could maybe use snail pipe to implement that stream. Or a connection over websocket to the project’s front door.

I tried running the sshd from openssh as a user a while ago, and it seems pretty fiddly to get it working right. But there are definitely other implementations, and those are probably easier.

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