Help Center migration happening [June 2023]

Hi folks - as I’ve been mentioning over the last few weeks, we have been working on upgrading our help center and support ticketing tools, and on Wednesday 6/7 we will be making the official switch at 6pm Eastern.

We’re moving our tooling over to Zendesk which will improve our workflows, help us respond even quicker to tickets, and also make it so none of your emails to us end up in our email spam box. We’ll have all the same help center docs and ways to contact us, so there will be no new instructions on how to do that - you’ll just see that things may look the same but a little different.

I’ll post updates in this thread as we move forward and let you know what to expect. :cowboy_hat_face:


We’ve reached 7pm Eastern, well past the end of the business day for Glitch Support, but those of us working on the migration are buzzin’ :honeybee:!

Updates so far:

  • We already had our older closed tickets migrated to our new system over the past week, and we’re just about done migrating any open ones since that move. Things are going great here!
  • We have our “Report Abuse” button tooling migrated and are running into some authorization issues, so if you use that button it will fail but tell you to email We’re actively working on fixing this!

Stay tuned for more updates, or not! :alien:


Hi again - I’ve got an update!

As some of you may know, updating domains can be hard and that was the case for us tonight. In order to avoid a long amount of downtime, we’ve rolled back our domain swap so the Help Center is still up and on Happyfox. You may notice that the “Contact Support” link goes to Zendesk, so feel free to use that form or email as usual.


Within the next hour we are going to retry changing’s host to our Zendesk instance. If it doesn’t go according to plan, there may be some downtime for help articles at that domain. Fortunately, you can just access our Help Center at the Zendesk domain:

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Hi there! This will probably be my last update for several days. We continued to have issues with setting up the domain mapping so will continue to point to our old Help Center. We are meeting with someone on Zendesk’s side later next week to regroup.

As far as ticketing goes, that’s all working fine! And has a link to Contact Support that goes to our Zendesk ticketing form. Your emails are going there as well.

The “Report Abuse” button form will direct you to email since we ran into app authentication issues there, but the error will give you a neat textarea of pre-written report text for you to enter into your email.

We appreciate your patience as we take our support tooling on this journey of highs and lows, DNS errors and email forwarding successes. As Sheryl Crow sang, “every day is a winding road” and, as I say, “have a great weekend!”


Hi there, it’s update time - we’re at this moment trying to re-map to our new Help Center.

If you have any issues reaching, we are probably aware of the issue - but you can still email as usual. I’ll have another update soon.

Update: Help Center is up again, Zendesk still has some stuff they need to figure out it looks like!

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Hello! We’re going to be working on migration stuff, some weirdness may happen with the domain. In the meantime, will work if you need the help center or filing a ticket!

Yup, getting Cloudflare 1001 (ray ID: 7db6159c7fcc48a6).

:ballot_box_with_check: Now working

Update: now points to our new Zendesk instance (it should work now unless your browser cache is still trying to hold on to the of 10 minutes ago)!

Next up is that we’ll be updating our help doc links throughout the Glitch codebase and starters to their new urls if they’ve changed. If a page you are trying to get to is lost, post in this thread and I will find it for you!

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