Help me! Discord bot is going online and offline and I don't know the issue!

I really need help!!!

I am pretty sure, that the issue is the Glitch tech restrictions

Glitch projects sleep after 5 minutes
Glitch projects stop after 12 hours
They wake up on any HTTP request

So to keep the project awake, I recommend using Awake! (It pings your site, every 5 minutes, note: not every 5 minutes from when you add it to the database)

Uptime Robot is the system I use to get the project be pinged every 5 minutes.

Try this code
client.on("ready", () => { client.user.setStatus("online"); });

possible options for status
online, idle, offline, dnd

worked for me, because it was saying offline, but when I send my cmd, said online again

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… That is not the issue… The issue is that the project is not connecting to Discord. But for now I’ve seen the bot be up and running, so Glitch has maybe fixed their services and made them work again.

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