How can I make my project run?

Hello, I need help.
Hoe can I make my glitch projetc become online, and after that how can i make it stay online permanently?


You can use uptime bots and awake but glitch currently has temporarily banned them to reduce traffic, because Glitch is having issues. So for right now you just need to wait for Glitch to unban them and lift the restrictions.


do you know when they will be allowed again?

Glitch team doesn’t know yet. Maybe next week. No one knows.

ok, thanks,
is there a way i can just turn it on for now without those bots?

For free no, you will need to buy subscription called “upgrade” which you can find on home page of the Glitch’s website and then you will get “always on” thing. Or you can wait out for Glitch to lift the restrictions.


use heroku now better and free after glitch unblock pings u can return to glitch . best idea

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