How do you clone the git repo?


I want to clone Glitch’s git repo, but I need a password.
I’ve tried every password from nothing to literally “an empty string”.
How do you clone the git repo?


Hey @LeBotDevNoob,
The user name is the persistentToken;
Password is an empty string


What do you mean ”an empty string”?


Simply, hitting return/enter will pass an empty string.


Hey @LeBotDevNoob, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

What @chroventer indicated will work, but you’re probably better off using the git repo username Glitch provides. This screenshot shows where to find it:

Depending on what tool you’re using you might not be able to clone in a writable fashion right now; if your tool requires you to enter a password before cloning then it won’t work. If you’re doing it on the command-line you can use a command like

git clone

The part after the “:” is the password, and if you just leave that blank it should work fine.


Uhh, but I need a password, or it will just give me an error message (“Password required”)