How to add Google Sign-In API?

Im looking for the Google Sign-in API, But im unable to implement it.
also, how do I make google sign in bring their profile name as such?

(maybe im asking too many questions?)

I would recommend looking into Google Oauth. This guide sums it up nice in NodeJS:

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I tried Google Ouauth, but i want it in HTML, and not a NodeJS project,
(I have basically no understanding about NodeJS)

Thanks for the link anyway :slight_smile:

This isn’t quite possible sorry. You could play around with Firebase but I’ve never used it before.

Firebase seems to be… not usual nowadays. There have been rumors about Firebase’s API being unresponsive or even hacked.

Anyway, Let me elaborate further on what I mean by “In HTML”:
I basically mean having the Google Ouauth on my html page.
I have seen (practically all) websites having this login. I mean, they all can’t be NodeJS projects right?

Generally I recommend “going to the source” meaning check with the support group associated with a particular language, library, API, etc. While many people on Glitch may know a lot about a subject (and perhaps integrating something into Glitch) the overwhelming likelihood is that a group dedicated to supporting something (in this case Google Oauth) is probably going to know a whole lot more.

It appears that their current system is being replaced by a new service so anything you plan to do should (I would argue) target that one.

From their site:

How to get started
We’ve worked diligently to simplify the implementation process for our developers, requiring minimal code, and we’re eager for you to take advantage of our new suite of APIs to help grow your business. To start implementing the new Google Identity Services, head to our developer site for technical documentation, and check out the google-signin tag on Stack Overflow for technical assistance.

Thanks! That really helps a lot, Now I can actually make my site have a login, or so I think so.

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