How to get started after Remix?

My primary objective is to get practice with creating a chatbot for Facebook messenger.
Facebook offered to Remix something on glich.

Well, I pressed the Remix button.
Then I got something like this:


Is my webhook expected to be something like this:

I am looking for a function to set a meaningful GLITCH_URL.

I could need a glitch getting started guide.
What to do after pressing the Remix button?

Apologies if my query is too junior for most of you.

Your webhook URL uses the url you see when you click ‘Show’ in the editor, so it’ll have the format

Thats what pissed me off, the URL looked not appealing to me.
I managed to get started, my URL seems to be victorious-blouse.
It seems to me that glitch creates them randomly.
I guess it requires some $ to get that changed.
Weather I get facebook to work is a different story.
For the moment app.js works as expected.

You can rename it :slight_smile: From the project menu on the top left corner, you can pick the name that you prefer :slight_smile:

Thank you glitch and thank you etamponi.
looks a lot better

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