my website urls r weird and keep show the file names and i wanna change the urls /(area) and i was wondering how do i switch the /(area) to something else with html,js,json or css cuz it seems those are the only languages compatible with glitch if someone were to help me i would much appreciate it i wanna make them like a regular website if possible on glitch

do i add anything to index.html???

Summary RagDev


		<a class="nav" href="games.html">Games</a>
		<a class="nav" href="news.html">News</a>
  <a class="nav" href="rgame.html">©óµíñg ßóóñ</a>
		<a class="nav" href="" target="_blank">Twitch</a>
<div class="intro">

Welcome to RagDev's site!

Welcome to RagDev's site! Now website in BETA-testing, but soon here will be many cool online games!


idk how to add code to forums

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Hi Ragdev,

As it’s a static site, you can get rid of the html extensions in URLs like this:

Create a directory for each page (like /games/ ), put the existing HTML file in that directory, and rename it to index.html .

Now you can go to and it will automatically go to the index of that directory (which used to be called games.html)

Hope it helps :video_game:

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thx for the help i really appreciate it but how exactly do i create a directory???

is that in js???

In the Glitch editor, go on New File and type something like this, with a slash in it:

Then paste the content of games.html into the new index.html

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thank you for the help

would it harm the site if i delete the games file???

Test that your new path works first. If it does, you can delete the old file.

If you’ve ever lost a file, you can use Rewind to go back again.

yes it works! thank you sooo much i will never forget ur help :))

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