I just want to create a MAINLY blank document to jumpstart into

Could there be an option to create a blank document that only includes the tags appropriate for todays standards of the necessary tree directories to include in a page such as html head title body main nav footer and the closing tags to streamline this affect that i just wasted attempting to remove all of the code you include in your pages you allow us to make that take up more bandwidth than my creation included in its efforts to fix a problem for another problem that my initialization is simply to use your site for testing my codes as you supply supposedly a good product to troubleshoot issues if the page could be refreshed in real time to demonstrate the cause and affect that occur when the html is edited that unfortunately I had just completed everything I could see as the next step to test it to tackle the javascript im attempting to understand that i cant realistically use your site at all because upon refreshing the page to view the changes i had seen the entire page be removed and brought back to your sites pages.

I kind of just wanted to use your site as something I can get up and go in using and creating my frankenstine of html if i could streamline a copy and paste method to address my initial action of helping out some other sites i’ve been researching the necessary details that they could use in order to provide them support for a tremendous effort of great sites i go around trying to give some feedback and sometimes some actual legwork to tackle things they possible just need a simplified kick start to accept the request (i’d hoped).

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There’s hello-webpage, which was the old starter template for Glitch projects. It has just under 30 lines of HTML and minimal CSS + JS.

Hi @27EV, welcome!

I had the same thought, so I reduced the code in hello-webpage to make ~empty-web which is more minimal.

What I’d recommend is that you strip a Glitch project down to just what you want for your template, then leave it. Give it a name like ‘27ev-web’ and then you can just remix that anytime you want to start a new project.

Hope it helps.