Ideas for school during lockdown

I’m new here, I’m a CS Teacher in Galicia, Spain. I’m trying to find ways to keep on working with my students on remote, so I came across Glitch. We’d normally be doing right now some introduction to web design using HTML, CSS and JS, all at the most basic level possible. I am trying to find little nice exercises that can engage students while they learn, there used to be some good examples on mozilla’s thimble, but now they are mostly gone.
For starters, just to get used to tagging and simple CSS properties, I asked them to write and format a message in a webpage using Glitch. I gave them a template and they worked on it to change its contents and looks.
I’m writing this message just in case anyone has any idea related to our needs and wants to share.
Thanks a lot!


Hi @procastino, welcome to the Glitch community!

This sounds like a great project — have you seen our “How to Make a Website” starter kit? It’s a four-part video course with starter apps that your students can remix to follow along.

We have several more starter kits here, too, that might be interesting.


Hi @angelo , that’s a wonderful example, it’s just the kind of thing I was looking for. I’ll use it for sure, thank you very much!
I will also take a look to the rest of the starter kits, they seem awesome!


Hi @procastino !

I’m in the same boat - currently teaching web design virtually to university students.

We’ve generally been playing around with glitch while also exploring how to:
-embed WebVR environments (via Mozilla Hubs)
-add fun visuals from

And next week I will be teaching how to better use web design capabilities with css grid

hope that helps and good luck!