Installing Older Versions of NPM Packages

Hey all!

Is there a way to install older versions of NPM packages?

The current version of axios is broken (Error response data nodejs · Issue #5298 · axios/axios · GitHub), so I need to tell people to install version 1.1.3.

However, using npm install axios@1.1.3 in the Glitch terminal did not add the package to my package.json, and when I use the normal method of adding packages, I can only see the current (broken) 1.2.0 version.

Hoping the axios team will fix this soon, but in the mean time I need to show people how to use the older, working version for a tutorial I’m making (and for which the video is already shot).

HI @Thomas_Frank - if you update your package.json to reflect "axios": "1.1.3" do you still have issues?

I remixed our Node starter, installed Axios from the “Add Package” dropdown and then i updated the package.json manually to version “1.1.3” which triggered a re-install of my modules and i ran npm list to confirm that the version you wanted is there. If you are not having the same experience, email with the name of the project so we can take a further look!

Here’s a screenshot of that project showing the “1.1.3” version I manually set and the terminal output confirming that’s the version of Axios installed:

Thank you! That seems to have worked. I do see the same unmet dependency warnings, but they seem to not affect my code from making the API calls properly.

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