Interactive 3D Globe template built with Three.js ~ Update 2020-05-06

Click anywhere in the demo to stop the rotation. Click any country to view its details. One finger down to rotate. Two to zoom.

Update 2020-05-06


  • Data for 199 sovereign nations
  • Data for 147 states and provinces
  • “fps” button now working as expected
  • Globe rotation has has “damping”

Just about every day since March 15th, I have been working on a COVID-19 interactive 3D tracker.

You can read about the start of the project in the post: C19-VIZ3D: real-time pandemic data in 3D.

The current efforts include:

  • Adding a lot more features
  • Adding reports from more data sources
  • Helping the script run faster
  • Porting the project over to Glitch

The vision of bringing the project to Glitch is to help beginner to intermediate programmers take advantage of a 3D library such as Three.js in order to build fun, engaging and useful projects.

The current state is that I am working on a globe template - a 3D globe that could be used to display data from a variety of sources. The past few days have seen a lot of improvements in the speed of loading and in the display of the text “inworld”. Today’s work was mostly back at GitHub working on cleaning up the place names and meta data such as latitude and longitude.

Fingers crossed: the template is actually hooked up and drawing COVID-19 data within a week or so.

It’s a bit early still for bug reports, but if you have any thoughts on improving the readability of the country names, please do share.