Glitch HelloWorld & template for DoneJS

Project URL:!/donejs-helloworld

I was really excited to see the release of Glitch and what people were doing with it (H/T to @stefan for showing off its early promise to me). I’ve been working on a hello world / template project for our DoneJS environment as it would be really helpful for us to show off features and demonstrate bugs.

DoneJS (formerly known as JavascriptMVC) is a suite of software that includes, among other things:

  • module and asset loading (StealJS)
  • comprehensive Model/View/ViewModel tools for building UIs (CanJS)
  • a Handlebars-compatible mustache templating system (can-stache)
  • a zero-config development server with server-side rendering (done-serve with done-autorender)

The items listed above are all showcased in the project. I’ve attempted to document extensively, but please let me know if anything doesn’t make sense.

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Nice job! Looks like a really good starting point.

nice job, I’ve added this to the community site

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