Is it possible to install NodeBB on glitch?

If it is, can someone point me to a resource or help me with installing it? I want to use it with MongoDB hosted on their cloud.


Welcome to the forum, @akashrajum7!

I am not familiar with NodeBB; however, you can visit and read their documentation regarding installation on their website.
There are two sections explaining installation process:
Using Cloud:
Using OS:

Happy Glitching! :tada:

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I did try reading their documentation, all the methods are basically cloning the GitHub repo and running npm install and node app --setup, but when I tried that, I got a lot of dependency errors, which is why I am asking here.

Update: Looks like there’s a cloud9 one, which I must have missed earlier, which is similar to Glitch, will give that a try.


Update 2: Unfortunately I was unable to get it to work.

Nodejs is failing to install with this error

node v8.15.1, with pnpm Installing... Performing headless installation WARN Cannot link bin "grunt" of "grunt-cli" to "/rbd/pnpm-volume/5eeabfef-cb43-4c44-85a4-c806b392b26f/node_modules/.bin". A package called "grunt" already has its bin linked. WARN Cannot link bin "uglifyjs" of "uglify-js" to "/rbd/pnpm-volume/5eeabfef-cb43-4c44-85a4-c806b392b26f/node_modules/.bin". A package called "uglify-es" already has its bin linked.

Update 3: I have gotten web installer now, i guess it’s working. Will try setting it up.

Final conclusion: I somehow edited some config and was able to get it to the setup screen but unfortunately, the installer will exceed the memory limit of Glitch and process will get killed, and hence you cannot use NodeBB on Glitch as of now.