I've Been Waiting For You (Escape The Room)

Hello everyone!

So recently I finished learning everything about HTML and CSS and start learning JavaScript. As a project, I’m making a game that I call I’ve Been Waiting For You, an Escape The Room type of thing. It’s not scary in any way (I just thought of pointing that out since the title sounds kinda sinister :joy:).

As of right now, it’s really bland looking. I’ll decorate it after I finish coding the entire game since my goal is to make something cool with JavaScript, not just another website.

This is what the game looks like so far:
I've Been Waiting For You
Yeah…not that good yet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ll keep working on it for a while, and maybe get some of you guys’ opinions on it. I plan on expanding it a lot before it’s finished.

I hope you like it so far :slight_smile: Maybe some of you would like to Beta test it sometime?


Looks cool. Got a link to it?

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Not yet. I’m going to at least get a Beta version out for some friends and fix some bugs before releasing it. Sorry :confused: