Random Generators

I started another project with JavaScript, and this time it’ll be an ongoing thing. I decided to make a website with a bunch of generators for random uses (link to that site). So far I only have a password generator (needs to be fixed), name generators (almost finished), username generator, and ways to play TENZI generator. I have a fake passport generator that will come later. I have yet to start that.

What’s a little bit different about this project than my I’ve Been Waiting For You project that has yet to be finished is I’m going to be using jQuery in this one. I started learning that as well and like it a lot better (although I’m still used to using vanilla JavaScript, so that will be used more often).

I’m not super creative, so if anyone and everyone viewing this post please visit the site and give a suggestion on a generator that I should add that would be greatly appreciated.

~ Thanks!


Thanks for sharing! Looks pretty awesome, keep sharing with us.

I will suggest CC generators or maybe you can play with random image generation using canvas.

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Thanks! Once I get a good amount of generators on the website I’m going to decorate it and make it look more appealling. And as for canvas, I’m working on learning it currently and will be using it for the Fake Passport Generator. Thanks for the suggestion!