Keep github repo from packages.json in sync with code


Is it possible to push the code to the github repo in the packages.json file and keep it in sync for both folders(front and back end)?


We plan to support some kind of git integration in the future though we’re still at the initial stages of planning it out. There is some nuance to bi-directional syncing, but whatever we end up releasing must meet our goals of simplicity, ease of use, and portability. In the meantime we’ll have the option to download a zip of your project that you can manually sync to Github or any other service soon.



Chiming in here, but I’d really love to see the ability to just import a github project into hyperdev. I think it’d be an amazing tool for getting more people to try it out, since it’d make it way faster to get to something useful (ie use something useful that you already have). Syncing it back to Github is less important in my book… a non-synchronous “Commit and Push” button would be more than enough for me


Hi Daniel,
just tried out HyperDev, works great!
You mentioned zip download. Where can I trigger that?


We’ve held off deploying that temporarily - will let you know when it’s available


I can reiterate a desire to have some Git integration. My scenario is this: I maintain a sample project on GitHub and want my users to be able to set this up and play around with it in HyperDev.

For my own use, I do not care much about developing on HyperDev - I want it to be easy for my users, instead. So a “Deploy HyperDev project from GitHub” option might be ideal, even.


Yes, that would be useful. In the meantime you could manually copy across a sample project to HyperDev as others have done. Also, it’s not in the UI yet, but you can get a remix URL for a project and then anyone who goes to it has their own copy of that project.

So for example, for the React tutorial app (

Here is the React tutorial app working on HyperDev:!/project/shade-king

In documentation you could use the following link and provide users with their own working copy:!/remix/react_tutorial/0539a08d-bcda-458e-8647-94813e4248b4


Hi all, zip file downloading of your project is now available. You’ll find it inside ‘advanced options’



@pketh Will folder or zip uploading be a feature in the future?


In the near future , we’re working on GitHub repo import. Would that work for you?


You can now import and export to GitHub from the ‘advanced options’ button on the top-left ‘project info’ menu. This isn’t an ‘all singing, all dancing sync facility’, it’s more of a quick way of getting projects into and out of GitHub which should cover some use-cases for now whilst we work on full sync later.

You can also create an import link that you can give to your users e.g.!/import/github/reactjs/react-tutorial where the format is!/import/github/OrgName/RepoName. Or use this quick tool to generate your link.

Full details now up on


It works great! I already exported my project to github and imported some changes back to hyperdev. Thanks for giving a quick solution!


It would be great to have gitlab support also