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I think you forgot to remove some stuff from the template hehe

no notifications are WIP

A way to add notifications are coming

Oh I was just joking because I think you forgot to change the template there.

lol very well.

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Maybe adding a discord option…

I dont think glitch is having issues, because my projects work. (and it still shows the errors)

Oh! Are you adding https:// to the begging of the site?

Implementing Discord Login On Main Site
Status - :orange_circle:

I actually heard about a glitch project, where you could add oauth, and do regular stuff on the client side (JS)

Really? Please link me.

well oops i forgot to remove the www :slight_smile:

something went wrong

remove www.


:green_circle: Discord Login is implemented.

The Glitch forum isn’t a place to provide updates, you can always note the update in the project or you could create a forum on

Their forums are always half broken tbh, User pages down not working, 50X errors, etc.

I suppose you could always search for an alternative: