Linkey: The Modern URL Shortener

So I was looking on the forum, and I didn´t see any open sourced link shorteners, so I made one.

Have you ever wanted to shorten your Glitch urls? Have you ever wanted to make your own URL shortener? Ever wanted to make your own Short URL company?

Now you can, for free!

You can host your own copy by cloning my project from glitch.
Project URL:
Want to test our glitch demo?
If you just want to use our public version:
You may change what you want however, please give me credit.

Also, tell me your opinions on it.


Error 502.

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Lemme investigate it


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For me it’s just stuck on “starting…”

Fixed URL Issue.
For me it just shows the certificate is invalid

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Remove the www, that should fix it.

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This is really nice! But what’s the point in creating an account if you can just go to the homepage and do it without an account?


Also, you should add a captcha as its quick easy to automate it:

curl -X POST -F "url="[0-99]

The purpose of an account is so that you can view analytics, and so that your links save. Additionally from the panel, we are able to remove short URLs that you do not want.

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That may be added in the future! Thanks for the suggestion!

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You can use a quick and easy hack to change the site


Why am I getting this error when trying to remix


Hey! Updates are around the corner, and we would like suggestion! Tell us below, and your idea might be implemented!!

: ( getting “not secure” error

yep, this is happening with a few projects right now :frowning:

Glitch is having some “Issues” currently.

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