[Megathread Closed] For Custom Domain Removals please send a message to support@glitch.com

yester day. i’m set my custom domain for project.
but i see today, project has not custom domain url and cannot re set custom domain.
how to?

Hi @wh1tecat-nya, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

You are correct in noting that the current Custom Domain feature does not store the previously-generated information; we have a task in our backlog to update the custom domain feature at some point in the future.

In the meantime, if you’ve misplaced the shw.io domain Glitch displayed the first time you’ll need to start from scratch to get a new shw.io domain in the Custom Domain menu. First we have to remove the existing combination and for that we’ll need the project name and custom domain to remove.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

thanks reply!

my project is “diligent-bail”
domain is “2auth.wh1te.cat”
can i remove custom domain?

Ok, this custom domain combination has been removed. You should be able to reuse it now.

I also need to remove a custom domain binding! I didn’t realize that I couldn’t then claim the domain on fly. I thought that deleting the project would release the domain (oops!), the project name was “ravedot” and it went to rave.r0uge.org.

This has now been done!

I also need a custom domain from a project, lol. The project is called web-and-bot and the domain is zeptixmc.net

my project name is : aashiyaana
and domain: aashiyaana.easyprice.org

project exist but i want to remove custom domain

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hi! i just removed it for you

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Could remove mine too please;
bongo-bot-website(now deleted)

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sure, just deleted it!

r u f-ing kiding me… i put it on the wrong project again >(
pls owo??

MoD eDiT: lAnGuAgE

MsE eDiT: (saving mods the time of typing this text)

Hi Jenn, can you remove this domain for me?

Project: fan-sociology
Domain: thanos.rdvn.page

Thank you! But i hope we have a feature to remove it by ourselves

Hey @jackblk I’ve removed that domain for you.

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Please remove AetherPlains.net. It’s locked to an old project i’ve deleted.

hi @Dos-e, i’ve removed www.aetherplains.net from that deleted project!