Mindustry server issues

I am trying to host a mindustry server at mindustry-server , BUT port 3000 isn’t usable. Is there any way to make it so it is usable for that kind of thing? Note, mindustry-server’s version is not the lastest, updating later.

I am not familiar with Mindustry but is it possible you are starting the app in the terminal when it was already automatically started by Glitch?

Uh, its not that kind of issue. I have no autostart script, i have to start it manually. Its a port issue. It keeps saying that the port is in use on the ONLY open port. Do you know a way to solve this?

I think the only reason port 3000 would not be available is Glitch automatically started the app on that port. Glitch automatically starts the app if the file that should be started is specified in the package.json file.

@yogurtsyum has the right idea.

The project doesn’t have a config file it recognises, so Glitch assumes it is a simple web server, and serves the files it finds, on internal port 3000 external ports 80/443.

This is what a browser sees …

You probably want a config file glitch.json so you can tell the project what to do, or to do nothing! Here’s an example …

  "install": "install.sh",
  "start": "start.sh"

It worked! My server ran and went just fine, thanks :slight_smile:

ugh! More issues. I cant connect to the server anymore. Apparently it doesnt “Exist”? This is on mindustry, I can still edit the project.