[mobile safari] editor cursor disappears forever if you focus a text input field in another split view

This one’s real specific but it’s quite a pain!

  1. Edit some code in the editor in Glitch.
  2. Tap a text field in another split view.
  3. Return to Glitch and continue editing code.

You’d expect to be able to return and continue as normal. But alas, your cursor is gone! It’s sorta kinda possible to continue if you’re super stubborn, but eventually you have to admit defeat and reload the window, which is a bit of a flow-breaker!

Here’s an example GIF. At the very beginning, you can see I have a nice normal text cursor over by the h1 tag in the editor. Then I interact with the address bar in the other split view browser where I’m previewing the output of the code in the editor. After that, I return focus to the editor and resume typing. You can see at this point that the cursor’s disappeared.


That’s definitely less than idea, @hen. The editor is built on top of Codemirror. Can you reproduce the issue with a generic editor, such as the one on CodeMirror’s homepage?

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:rofl::rofl: oh god it might even go deeper than that… i reproduced the issue on codemirror.net and even re-recorded the demo GIF for them. I was about halfway through typing up the new bug report in their issue tracker and realized: the text cursor had vanished from that textarea as well! Even as I type this now, in fact, the cursor has vanished from this one in the exact same way. Starting to feel like a fever dream!

Who knows how long this has been broken like this in Safari, but it looks like I just didn’t notice the issue until I was using it for code where it really matters. Even changing tabs is enough to trigger it sometimes. Let’s hope Apple are on the case, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯