My Glitch profile page is super laggy. Spawning lots of workers. normalize_opts.js consuming lots of CPU time


Not sure what’s going on but I can barely click anything and eventually the page just freezes up entirely.

Chrome 75, all extensions disabled.


Hey @joe I’m sorry for the bother, but I can reproduce this at the moment. Are you still seeing this behavior?

(Guessing you meant “can’t reproduce this”)

Yeah, unfortunately I’m still seeing it. Whenever I pause the script the stack always looks like this:


It always stops at line 460 (if ((ml = text.match(this.__opts__....) within the LinkifyIt.prototype.test function.

So it appears to be due to some sort of infinite loop related to linkify stuff in the markdown parser.

Maybe try putting a link in the description of one of your projects? If I stop the script, then the page stops lagging, but then I can’t click the drop-down menus on my projects (e.g. to pin or unpin them).

Hey @cori, any progress on this? It’s still happening for me.

Still happening. Just bumping this so others (who might also be having the issue) will see this post and can chime in with some extra data.

Hey @joe, thanks for your patience and sorry for the radio silence. I still haven’t been able to repro exactly what you’re seeing, but have been observing some profile sluggishness in other places. I’m going to try to gather some additional info and get this in front of the appropriate folks.

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