My project files deleted

Hello my project files shiina-trbot has been deleted, please help me i cant making anything

Take a look at This. If you have not deleted .git then you can rewind and get the files back!

I understeand:( pls hlp :((

If you invite me to your project I can check to see if rewinding would be a working solution for you!

I have taken a look now, and it seems to me that every single file that was on your projects disk, including the files you could not see, and even .git where all removed somehow. May I ask do you know what caused this, and were you running any console commands at the time or executing anything with your project through code that would have caused this?

I am going to let @cori take a closer look as I do not know what you can do from this point.

No idk :confused: ı refreshed page and deleted all files :confused: and tryed console to refresh command.

How can I restore my files? @cori please look here :frowning:

Het @Kyoya, because this seemed to be fairly urgent, I’ve gone ahead and restored the last backup that we had of your project that seemed to be of a rational size. That backup was from 2019-05-12T12:11:07.000Z, so about 3 hours ago, right around when you posted.

Hopefully that’s close to what you’re looking for; we have a few backups from earlier than that that we could also try, but this is the most recent.



Cori’s solution has resolved the problem. I can see your projects space is getting close to filling up now so I will advise you to create a file called .gitignore then add any database files or any other files that are updated often to that file separated with a space. If you need more help with that I will show you in your project! Any files you decide to add to the .gitignore folder, won’t be visible in your editor but they will still be there. Removing them from the gitignore then refreshing, will make them visible again!

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