My project has been suspended for no reason

Reason: No miners allowed. If you feel this has been an error, contact us at

If your app isn’t actually malicious, let us know to restore it,

I do not understand, it’s just a little discord bot, I do not have anything bad or malicious in my discord bot, it’s just a bot to generate images

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I got the same thing few minutes ago…

Hi @ValerynR, welcome to the Glitch forum and sorry for the bother!

We’ve been working to address some misbehavior on Glitch that’s caused some instability; we talk about this briefly in Some processes currently restricted. The most commonly-used process that we’re blocking right now is puppeteer, so I’m fairly sure that’s what your project is running afoul of.

We’re continuing to watch the situation closely and don’t have a timeline for when we might unblock that or any other currently-blocked processes, or indeed if we will unblock them at all; we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope this helps, and let us know if you have further questions.


Hello @cori , is that I also installed the puppeteer to take screenshots of web, could you eliminate the dependency and let me continue with my project ?, my project is called “eva-project”

Hey @ValerynR I’ve removed capture-chrome from your project’s dependencies, so that command will no longer work but your bot should be running again. Sorry for the bother!

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Can you also remove puppeteer from my project, “”, thanks.
I’m using Heroku for the meantime

I have seen that the puppeteer has been banned, and I believe that this was for the reason why my project 'eva-project’ was suspended, I would like them to take away the dependence of the puppeteer, and let me use my project again, I have things very important and I do not want to lose them, please :disappointed_relieved:

Link of my project :!/eva-project?path=server.js:1:0


Yeah same tbh, lucky I have a local copy.
Can they just remove puppeteer from our projects tho?

Access to console is denied

Instead of complete banning, they should just display a message in the console, warning us.

Hey @Excigma I’ve removed that from your project and unsuspended it.

Happy Glitching!

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Hi, just wondering if would get my project to be banned again, before I add it

(And also if you should ban it if it is not already banned)

Hey @Excigma I have no reason to believe that that package on its own would result in a ban - are you seeing problems?