My server.js file is all of sudden really slow and hard to edit

So I have a server.js file and all of sudden it started being really slow and laggy, making it real painful to edit.
It stays slow even after Refreshing through console, restarting PC, etc.

Project name is peeky.

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Does this happen on different browsers/PCs?

Same for me, please fix

If you need a quick work around, try Visuals Code Studio and then copy the edited code over to your Glitch project.

Dne út 20. 8. 2019 14:58 uživatel Angaro via Glitch Support napsal:

I was doing that, but any notice about this lag?

Atleast now I know that it’s not just my issue, which means that it could be fixed in a while.

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Hey @Vojtech_Jilovec I see some sluggishness in that file - I’m going to talk to the team about it.

@Angaro is this happening on any particular file or project? In @Vojtech_Jilovec’s case the affected file is pretty large; knowing other specific examples would probably help us track it down.

This is happening on my “main.js”, it contains about 4000+ code lines.
Is certainly the biggest file of my project

im currently having an issue with the code viewer being incredibly laggy (im using chrome) it suddenly started happening and restarting chrome or my pc didnt fix it and it only lagged once opening the project. i also heard someone else is getting the same issue as me. iv also written this on mobile so expect bad writing mistakes

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I have your same problem, from about yesterday evening. I have tried several browsers and devices but the project view is very late. My Container Status is ok, everything less than 15%

Hey @VarixDog can you provide any specific examples of where you’re seeing this? I think it might be related to My server.js file is all of sudden really slow and hard to edit, and more examples might help us determine what’s going on.

Yes it is the worst inside server.js too and and other heavy files which have a lot of total llines/words. the project name is onslaught. And today im still experiencing the lag

Ok, thanks! I’m merging these two topics because I think they’re the same root cause, and we have a proposed fix in the works.

Ok awsome! is it anything to do with all the text being loaded at once and not unloaded if offscreen?

it seems like its back to normal speeds and not killing my pc!

Aye we just deployed a fix. Sorry for the bother, everyone!


Thank you very much!

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