Project is too laggy

Hey All!
Recently one of my project is too laggy. Means that suppose changing from one file to another takes almost more than 15-30 seconds. And sometimes, it doesn’t even load that is shows blank white page.

Project Name sh-dash (private)
Pinging @glitch_support in case they miss this.

All other projects of mine works fine.

Can you send us a screenshot of how much space and cpu your project is using?

Hi @Ashutosh-3601, it’s possible that if files are very large, it’ll take a while for them to load in the editor. Without more details it’s hard to say.

Is it okay if I use my admin account to access your Editor? That way I can take a closer look at what’s happening there.

Yes sure @angelo, you can access the editor.

Hi @Ashutosh-3601, thanks for granting me access! I noticed that the opening curly brace ("{") was missing in your watch.json file. This let the app build.

However, I see that there’s a delay when opening and closing folders. Loading any file in an open folder seems to perform as quickly as I’d expect.

I believe this might be related to the AdminLTE-3.0.4 folder that you’ve got under views — there are a lots of files and folders under there because it includes all the source from the GitHub repository, as far as I can tell. Maybe try using only the files you need, or use the npm package instead?

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Thank you for info. I wasn’t aware that keeping many files would lag the editor. I will remove necessary folders and files.