Need help to get Discord API integration project working

I had a project created by a developer that I had hired a long while ago. The project was done at the time so I paid him and now it keeps having issues and he blocked me so I can not get my project fixed like it should be.

I have a project created that involves an API integration with Discord and Paykickstart. When a member or new person signs up for a membership on our site, then I need the glitch code to send a Discord activation link for them to click on to get their role access automatically when they sign up. I have a glitch database set up and have to manually add them right now and give access because it’s not working. This also means that when their membership subscription is canceled or whatever then I have to change their role manually, but the glitch bot should do that already for me.

I have all the code written, but I just need someone to help me fix the issue why it’s not working again. Our company is going to launch soon and I really need this fixed. So if there is anyone to help, that is very much appreciated!

Hi @tyfred! What have you tried? If you are having problems, can you give us your project name?