Quick update on Discord API

Hello all,

Discord sent an announcement out today to all developers, and I want to share something about it today that may impact many projects.

For now, our API will continue to handle requests made to discordapp.com. On November 7, 2020 we will be dropping support for the discordapp.com domain in favor of discord.com . Please ensure that your libraries, bots, and applications are updated accordingly.

Due to technical constraints, our CDN domain will not be migrated and will remain cdn.discordapp.com for the foreseeable future.

If you’ve made an app on their Dev Portal before, you will have received the full message, but I wanted to share this section here, seeing as it may affect many projects.


Thanks for posting! This is useful information (reading the TOS is always a good idea!)


i made around 20 apps and i didnt get a message-

It takes time to roll all messages out

I got a DM and an email. You should check your spam

Came in today :slight_smile:


Pinging @glitch_support because template bot projects will probably need to be updated.

Nah, they use libraries like eris and discord.js that will automatically get updated when you upgrade them

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