New to Glitch : multiple questions

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Glitch and I have some questions that needs answers before I can be sure that Glitch is the platform that I need for my projects.

I have two projects :

    1. Twitch bot

Simple twitch bot that reads incoming chat events and messages. The bot needs to listen to the chat everytime, so i think i need to upgrade my account with a payment method ? Is there another way, because it’s only listening event so if the code is running it’s okay for me.

    1. Web API

My second need is to develop a web API, the goal is very simple, have an URL that returns calculated data.
I have to store “sensitive” data in the project environnement variables, so the project can’t be public.
Is there a way to create a web API in glitch where there’s only the publics URL that are available and not all the code ?

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

Environment Variables cannot be see by others/non-project-contributers that you have chosen, so your project can be public

By making a project private, others can’t see the code, but they can go to the Url. There is no way to hide parts of code/particular files to people other than project contributers.

Glitch stores Environment Variables in the .env file, you can learn more about that here:

Actually, you can make a .data folder, that way the editor can’t view the code inside there, however the code is still available if you access it via the terminal.

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Oh, just making sure OP knew! :smiley:

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Oh, I didn’t think it was offensive! Good to point out.

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why was this post flagged?
I dont think it was wrong in any way?
@EddiesTech you should probbaly ask glitch why it was flagged

Are you talking to me? Yes I know they are stored in env and so does OP :joy:

Hello guys,

Thank you all for your quicks answers !

As @EddiesTech said, if the url is reachable if i use express or the web api examples on glitch, but the code and project is private in glitch, it’s exactly what i need for my web api project ! :smiley:

Thanks for the link for the environment variables, i can store my future database login / password here and be safe, that’s all i needed, I can start the development now :slight_smile:

I still have one question about my bot tho !

Hi man,

If I use a SQLlite database stored in the .data folter, the database file can be read by someone if my app is publish ?

That’s what i chosed to store my sentitive data ATM.

No, the contents of the data folder are hidden. (from my knowledge)

Okay, so there’s no security concerns for me if the database is secured from public, and only the reachables URLs are public / pingable (the ones that i implemented in express)

Thank you all :slight_smile: