Hello All, Where do I start? Do I have to have some coding knowledge before I’m able to use Gomix? Is there a course or a tutorial on how to use Gomix? I would greatly appreciate anyone’s help. Thank you!


You don’t necessarily need to know any code before starting, it really depends on what you want to achieve. For example, if you take a look at some of our example apps, and you wanted to make your own website, then you could remix a project like!/project/creative-theme and just change the text to whatever it is you want your site to be about.

We want you to be encouraged to remix projects, try changing things and experimenting.

However, knowing at least some HTML and JavaScript will open a lot more things up to you. We do provide a few projects that aim to help you learn to code too: I’d suggest taking a look at!/project/javascripting and!/project/node-beginner, if that’s something you’re interested in.


Hi Gareth,

Thanks for the response! Contrary to Uber/Lyft, etc, our transportation
company is pre-arranged, as opposed to on-demand service. Unfortunately,
it’s not working out with our App designer and that’s why I’d like to do my
own. Can you tell me if your platform is compatible and/or works with a
transportation company module? In other words, can things be integrated
such as: live maps; GPS tracking; scheduling; and payment? Also, is there
anyone who can assist? I am willing to compensate for their efforts. Please
let me know at your convenience.



Yes, at its core Gomix provides a Node.js server, and any NPM modules can be installed on it, so it could support those types of things for creation of a web app. However, we don’t provide Professional Services, but perhaps a member of the community reading this can help out?


I’ve been looking for ‘real-time’ code tutors… gomix looks like a great place for shared learning/tutoring.

If nothing else, what about a tip-jar for people who share really cool mixes/remixes?