Node introduction app failing


This isn’t working for me:

Anybody else?


Yeah, it’s failing for me too.

From looking at the code, however, it appears to be “by design” as there’s no code for actually handling requests:!/project/node-beginner

I think the goal is to remix the app and follow the exercises in “The Node Beginner Book” to get to a working app; there’s a full series of apps to go with each section of the book… all linked from the README.


That’s right - it’s a ‘Hello World’ example that just outputs “Hello World” to the logs. If you read the readme and follow the steps then it’s explained. You “fix” the app by adding a server in the following exercise.


Ah ha! Makes sense. Thanks for clarifying!



no problem - it’s not intuitive because it doesn’t fit in with the other apps on the community site. Will try and make it clearer how it works.