No service found running on port


Looks like my project has run into this as well. One minute it was working, the next minute it wasn’t.

Project is “bramble-mountain”.

Edit: a remix seems to be working (“noble-toe”). It would still be good to know what happened though.


Hi konnichimade!

thanks for your feedback. It looks like is reachable again.

If this problem happens again, it might be related to an hard limit of 3 minutes that we set on the “install” phase (that is, the phase that is run when package.json gets modified). If this might be the case for you too, typically the fastest solution is to manually edit something on the package.json file, so that it triggers a new install that finishes any work left to do by the previous one.

Thanks again, have fun!


I did try editing package.json, but I wasn’t aware of the 3-minute limit so I may not have waited long enough for that. I’ll keep an eye out for it. Thanks!