NPM package search is hit-and-miss - possibly due to some sort of debouncing bug


Sometimes the search results get messed up. It might have to do with some sort of debouncing thing:

Try pausing half-way though typing and typing really fast, and that sort of thing. It happens randomly for me - maybe 10% of the time.

Might have been the original cause of this person’s problem:


Thanks for reporting this. I can reproduce this matching your typing in the video. I’ve flagged it to the team and they’ll look into fixing it up.


I’m sure the team has worked out what the problem is here and is just busy doing other stuff, but just in case: The problem is that it queues the requests at each keystroke rather than cancelling the old ones and starting again.


Slightly longer debouncing delay + cancelling/ignoring old requests = fixed, I think.


Thanks, Joe! We’ll add that to the list :slight_smile:


Hi Joe. We’ve fixed this (by debouncing search requests, as you suggested). Thanks again for reporting!