Offline glitch clone

I’m just thinking… what if we had the ability to download glitch source code ( container aswell ), configure it to our needs, and then use it offline?

that would be awesome to have

If that was possible there would be no need for Glitch at all, I don’t think Glitch should do that. Glitch would perhaps loose a lot of money on doing so. Anyway, you can have a look at Docker and Docker Compose which does exactly what you want.


maybe a glitch PWA would be better

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They would need to make each page a PWA, which is kinda time consuming, although Glitch can create a desktop app for Glitch using Electron!

yeah, or a mobile app

Yes. Releasing an iOS app for Glitch would be super awesome, because then coding on an iPad is gonna be super easy!

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YEAH! we could try in swift…

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I can’t say how helpful an app would be =P

There are keyboards you can plug into mobile devices.

The easiest and free way would be to make a desktop app using Electron. While it requires some code and patience, you should get a good desktop app.

Yeah but as a website on mobile sucks.

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That would be a good idea to make, but my concern is, will it be usable cause i can’t run my linux vm and chrome at the same time on my chromebook else i crash xD

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Electron apps allows configuration for a lot of stuff, which includes making your app more browser-like.

I’ll have to make an electron app for glitch then i guess =P

You’ll need access to the root source code, I believe. You cannot just make any website an Electron app, I think.

ah true, heck…

Making an app has another advantage: we can code offline and as soon as we’re back online, the code gets updated, although that would cause problems if more than two people are coding at the same time.


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Also, with reference to the original post of this thread, isn’t the Download option similar to your needs?

well, everyone’s needs, but, for meh, yep