Local Glitch editor

I think that would be cool to have a Glitch downloadable editor which would be the same as the online one but you can choose to run projects locally or in a Glitch server. So bot devs can still use Glitch to run their bots and apps like nothing happened on the ping side.

If this kind of editor happen then I’d like to get these additions :

  • Save files on Glitch servers (for online backups and rewind)
  • Connect a local project (running locally) to a Glitch server to get access to the port 3000 so you don’t have to do port forwarding. And if a request comes to the Glitch server it’s proxy to the local project (Then request limit would apply here) but if a request is made on the localhost’s behalf (meaning : if you don’t need the Glitch server to send/get a request) it doesn’t count in the request limit.
  • Switch between running the project in a server or locally or both whenever you want.
  • A monitor to have control for which project runs locally, which project runs in a server, stop this project, launch this project, etc… Giving more control over your projects.

What would an hybrid server/local project mean for everyone ?

  • If you make a bot you can connect to Discord 24/7, and if you need an external port for your package (Twitch webhooks, stuff like that) you can still do it as requests are forwarded to the local project when received by Glitch servers.
  • Less requests to Glitch from server-only services
  • Less outages, and if there is a Glitch outage your server projects will still work

There are already a lot of ways to do this, for example use the same bot token in the Glitch project and on your PC.

You can also edit to Glitch with the VSCode Extension.

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There’s ways you can do that, but generalizing it would be better. It’s better than online only and better than offline only.

The VSCode extension for Glitch works both online and offline.

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Yeah but you can’t have both at the same time

You could setup glitch to sync between your computer and your container so you have your glitch container’s files in /mnt/glitch-projectname. Then you can have the container send heartbeat POST requests to a service and if that heartbeat dies your pc automatically starts up the bot on your own computer.

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