Pizza Ordering Service

Project URL:

I made a Pizza Ordering Service website.

You can log in or create an account.

Hi, it seems to autocomplete to some strange test_tr account (“tr” = “tiago rangel” ?), and when I log in I get this:

Is this a prank?

I feel like this is copypasted from roblox because it mentions “item” or some other shopping website…


lmao isnt that the roblox ban message but edited get banned bro lol

Anyway, I also tried creating a new account and the same happens. Plus, even if I do what’s written there, how can you confirm lol?

Looking at the code,

You could just visit and get the same result, without even need to create account / logging in.

I think it’s someone’s joke idea ngl…
looking it up, it’s a pretty accurate recreation

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oh noe hey got banned from roblocs :skull: :skull:

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