Working database connected to external site startpoint

Hi I’m a total node.js noob having just got my website on Perchance communicating successfully with a base SQLite database here on Glitch.
It took two days of learning all sorts of things and trying all sorts of things.
Thank you to Jenn and wh0 for the help which eventually brought me to success.

Because resources to do this were so lacking that it was basically impossible without focusing on it for two days, I have saved my progress in to shareable form here Connecting a Database ― Perchance Generator and should you want to make a database on glitch and simply have your external site connect to it successfully, all you have to do is take the code I provide and copypaste. No horrible two day slog. Enjoy :slight_smile:

for noobs like me. allows noobs a path in and to start building


Amazing work, glad you got it running and huge bravos on documenting the outcome for others!

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