Please help: shard in glitch make a destroy the ram of project

Hello i wan’t to shard my discord bot and glitch memory and ram is at 100% or +. And i wan’t make my bot in shard the name of the project is trak-bot-2-5-0 it’s for cori or other staff member

I’m guessing your using Discord.js.

I’d recommend joining their Discord server and asking them how to shard your bot.

Sharding requires multiple servers though, this could cause problems when running the bot on Glitch as containers could go offline any time. Thus, making some shards unusable.

You don’t need to worry about sharding until your bot is in 1000+ servers.

hello no would like to shard my bot discord before the 100 servers story to be prepared

I can show you a quick and easy way to shard your bot with discord.js, but to let you know you do not need to shard yet. Sharding is required at 2k+ guilds/servers. Also Sharding takes up twice the amount of memory.

So basically you hinder your bot more than helping it by sharding before 2k