Discord.js - using shards

Is there a way to make it so you can have 10 glitch projects, all acting as a shard for a Discord bot, and they all automatically update when they see a change in a GitHub or Glitch project of some sort?

Just do ten shards in one project

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? How many servers is your bot in?

I’m asking out of curiosity actually. So, lets say 50,000 servers.

You don’t have to share your bot until it’s in 2,000 servers. I would not recommend sharding before due to it being a resource hog. Plus with Glitches limits I could see this being a hard task.

Glitch could barely handle my bot with 300 servers, so… 50k, by then you would want proper hosting that you can fully manage… fulltime

Alright, thanks. And I would get proper hosting at that point, I was just curious.