Porkbun setup dns

can someone do a guide for how to connect a porkbun domain to a glitch website? I’m finding the glitch tutorial confusing based on what the porkbun config is showing me. many thanks

Hi! You can try to use the custom domains feature.

can you show what the porkbun config has?

Hi thanks guys. I added my domain in glitch; with the www. then entered the following on the porkbun dns. i get an error. says i need to do ALIAS, or am i supposed to point my glitch.me domain somewhere?

that should get www.ok-website.com working

if you want ok-website.com (without www.) as well, add that on glitch as well as on porkbun, with ALIAS instead of CNAME.

hi thanks for your help - i really appreciate it. the porkbun support was really helpful and figured it out.
you need two entries in DNS, alias, and CNAME as below.


ALIAS ok-website.com | uixie.porkbun.com
CNAME www.ok-website.com | glitch.edgeapp.net

and the part i didnt see mentioned on the support pages; you need to do url forwarding as below

Host: ok-website.com
Destination http://www.ok-website.com
Type temporary
Include Path yes
Wildcard no

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