Custom Domain Issue

I just got a domain, and I have unlocked custom domains in glitch. I created a new CNAME pointing to the link that i was given. My domain registrar is Hostinger. It says that the website is running but when i go to the domain url it says error code 403. Any help?

Hey @owocean it would be helpful for us to know the project name and (more importantly) the domain you’re working with. Can you let us know that information and we can take a look?

project name is and my domain its


Could you send us a screenshot of your DNS configuration?


Can you re-upload the image, does not seem to have uploaded correctly.

Ok, the problem is that you have “glitch” as the host for the url, so you have to change that to “” and then it should work fine!

So I changed the host to but im still having issues. I keep getting a hostinger 403 page is forbidden.

Yes, I have noticed that aswell, I think that might be a problem with your hosting server that you got the domain from.

@Callum-OKane They need a nameserver or an A record

Hi @owocean you’re probably running into the requirement discussed in our custom domains help document. The instructions there should help you out, but let us know if it’s still not clear.

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