Uploading my glitch site to the internet through godaddy

I am in need of some help! I want to upload my glitch site using a custom domain on GoDaddy, but when I add the custom domain and follow the CNAME process through the glitch help article, it doesn’t work. I seem to be doing something wrong because my site will not upload to the web. Help??

This isn’t a domain removal request -_-


@ihack2712 Might wanna check it out above, the bot posted about a domain removal when they weren’t asking for that.

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@Techy Hehe, yeah, that does happen due to the current weak filter. I’ve made a new announcement in my wiki thread :slight_smile:

@khalby786 That was the right choice!

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Can you describe all the steps you took?

Yes, I went to add custom domain and typed in the address. Then using the address they gave me and the directions specified for Go-Daddy, I plugged in that address into the CNAME on my Go-Daddy account. I think maybe I confused the content when plugging in the CNAME where it says name, host, and something else. Does this help?

Name —> That is your subdomain. You should use www.
Host —> That is the address. You should past your url from the glitch custom domain box there.
TTL ----> Leave that alone.


Set TTL to the lowest possible* that way your changes will propagate faster if you make changes later.

Can there be more than one CNAME?
Is this al I have to do to connect the glitch site to the domain?

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You can have multiple CNAMEs.

Does anyone know where I can get the A record? Or the IP address? According to Go-Daddy this is what I need to set it up. Glitch support isn’t contacting me back.

You could try pinging the domain.

not sure what this means…

In a console (or terminal) you can write ping example.com to get the IP address of a domain.

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@kkd18 go to https://www.site24x7.com/find-ip-address-of-web-site.html and enter your cname, you will get an ip!

Okay I am still having issues. Does anyone know an easy way to transfer my files to adobe dreamweaver so that I can upload through them? My client is getting impatient about waiting for glitch to properly upload.

If dreamweaver is local you can download your project (search download in the project search bar) or you can clone it with git to your computer.

I have dreamweaver downloaded on my computer. If I download the glitch files can I import it?

That should work. If I remember correctly there is a download button in the Glitch editor :slight_smile: