Preview a part of the new Glitch & tell us what you think!

Some of you may have gotten this email already, but we wanted to extend this preview to the rest of the community here in the forum:

We’re getting close to launching a new, exciting experience for developers on Glitch, and we wanted to let you in on one part of the launch: a refresh of our “Create Project” menu apps offerings .

You can view and remix them here:

We would love for you to remix these new starters and let us know what you think by taking this quick survey here.

This work is still in development and we want to make sure we provide the community with starter apps that are fast and fun, so we greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks for being a part of the Glitch community!


I’d like to add ~glitch-hello-vue to the (unofficial) list of starter projects with the new generated_static feature. :grin:


Wow, you made one faster than me :wink: It looks great!!


Thanks, I’m probably gonna try and create another starter Vue app with routing.


Nice, but ~glitch-hello-website’s index.html is a lil’ too complicated.


I suppose it can overwhelm some beginners because of all the meta tags, but those are just for SEO and you don’t need to worry too much about those.


Adding to the list of unofficial starter projects created with the static site generation feature: ~glitch-hello-vue-router and ~glitch-hello-vuex, both based off of @khalby786’s ~glitch-hello-vue. They were remarkably easy to set up, and worked straight away without any additional setup, which I find is very unusual :laughing: One of the reasons for this is that these generated static site projects don’t show the usual 404 page for static projects, instead showing index.html for vite projects, and cannot get [route] for the 11ty project - very interesting, and very useful.

However, generated static sites are now showing the waking up screen (although not for very long thankfully) - has this always been the case and I just haven’t noticed it, or is this a recent change?


Something tells me that the generated_static feature only works for the three starter projects that Glitch themselves created, because even after specifying a build folder and building files, Glitch keeps running the development server (evident from the fact that the website serves raw Vue files instead of built files).


I know right

What is the sorting based on past the lingua-francas of native and node? Github stars?

Any progress or plans to include a Vue hello project? I find Facebook’s react.js harder to learn/use, less developer oriented than Vue.

This should help!