Project files are empty



I had a prototype project set up and within the last week all the files in the project and a remix of the project somehow got wiped. I had collaborators on the main project, but none on the remix. Just me, and I hadn’t touched anything when it mysteriously stopped working and all the files appeared to be empty.

Anyone seen this before? Any way to recover?

Here is the original project:!/lands-we-share-demo
Here is the fork:!/bush-axolotl




We are very sorry to hear this! Are you able to rewind back to a point in time in which the files have content in them? You can access the rewind pane with the button next to the logs.


Unfortunately the rewind pane is completely blank. It seems to think it is a new project. In the console, git status is not encouraging:

app@lands-we-share-demo:~ 04:07
git status error: index file .git/objects/pack/pack-85581cc229fd69c371fc75e49e17535794c13427.idx is too small error: index file .git/objects/pack/pack-85581cc229fd69c371fc75e49e17535794c13427.idx is too small error: index file .git/objects/pack/pack-85581cc229fd69c371fc75e49e17535794c13427.idx is too small error: index file .git/objects/pack/pack-85581cc229fd69c371fc75e49e17535794c13427.idx is too small fatal: bad object HEAD app@lands-we-share-demo:~ 04:08

Do you have any ability to restore from backup on your side? Unfortunately I don’t have a separate backup of this. It’s not a huge amount of lost work, but some collaborators were going to be working with it this week.



Sure, we’ll restore it from a backup later once we get to the office. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Did you and team get a chance to attempt the restore? Still looks the same to me.



It should be back working now :slight_smile:


It does - thank you so much!

[Runs off to hit the “Download project” button multiple times… :laughing:]