ProTech CDN- the CDN for, bootstrap, jquery and more!

this CDN was made on glitch, it serves the user with the requested content through express, it is a project with minified versions of different frameworks such as, bootstrap (JS and CSS), jquery and sweetalert. These are all the latest versions and is completely free.

or for a more official route:


I think using the ones from cloudflare would be a better idea due to the fact that glitch goes down a lot


yeah, it does seem like that. I may make another on another service like, the domain is linked to cloudflare btw @Misly

EDIT- version for downtime:

@17lwinn The links on the version send you to the Glitch version. You need to edit the links :slight_smile:

hmm, the version is the exact same as the glitch one @EddiesTech

Yes, and the links on send you to so it uses the Glitch version so you need to edit the links so they just go to e.g. /bootstrapcss instead of

okay, i’ll do that @EddiesTech

EDIT- links rectified

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okay, all links rectified @EddiesTech

I’d recommend against using this, Glitch is very slow compared to services like unpkg or cloudflare. Just stick with the professional CDNs!


I agree with @ihack2712, its just a lot better and faster to use professional cdns like cloudflare, also the chances of cloudflare going down is very low

yep! lets just imagine this is a proof of concept for now!

Personally, I would recommend using Netlify for a CDN, they are better with static assets.


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Personally I like to use jsdelivr, I feel they are better with github and npm.

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Or cdnjs. I just know that one of them has auto minify which is a nice feature.

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Netlify has minify I think, it’s nice for a cdn, here’s a stress test :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t worry the thumbnails are 90000% smaller because they’ve been downscaled

maybe i’ll move… @javaarchive @RiversideRocks


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how long did you leave it open?

i scrolled down a bit but that was on mobile, ill update you on how it works with a 3700x