Ptrace anybody?

A feature I doubt many would use but would be useful anyway, ptrace allows a process to debug and modify the behavior of another process. For minimalist and reduction of attack surface it is disabled by default. However for the glitch community, it may be beneficial in some ways like when used in the proot project. For example I’ve been longing to create a sort of pubnix on glitch where people can log on as their own unix user and interact with other users on the system through command line chat applications or more. It would also be helpful for getting software that is difficult to install without write access to the default packages location like modern dotnet to run on glitch without admin privileges assuming it fits under the <200mb storage limit.

Ptrace is awesome when used appropriately.

Glitch runs projects in separate containers on the same server (which is why some projects have the same IP address). With that being said, ptrace would probably open up some security issues unless Glitch were to remount their whole system(s), which would be costly.

Just my thoughts on this, I would love to see ptrace on Glitch thought.