Python version has downgraded to 3.5.2

What could be the reason for python to be deprecated and could this issue be solved quickly or would it take time.


same problem here. I wake up to find that all my projects have syntax errors due to f strings being added in version 3.6

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Hey folks thanks for letting us know - this is an unintentional side-effect of the larger infrastructure improvements we’re working on (as is the recent overall instability).

We’re on the road to being able to keep the project container in better order, but we took a step backwards here. We’re sorry for the difficulties and we’ll get it fixed up as soon as possible.


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Any updates as to when everything will be working ?

Any update on this issue , any status page to follow to get updates?

Hi there - status page on this is here, the team is still working on a fix: Glitch Status - Version of Python 3 on containers downgraded unexpectedly

Any update on this ? the status page has not been updated for the last 14 hours ?

No update yet because the status hasn’t changed - we still anticipate a fix today (Tuesday).