Upgrade Python version from 3.7 (which is now EOL) to something more recent?

Glitch currently ships with python3 --version returning the following:

Python 3.7.10

Python 3.7 hit end-of-life for security supports a couple of days ago, on 2023-06-27 - Status of Python Versions

I’d like to drop Python 3.7 support for some of my open source projects that are deployed on Glitch, but I can’t do that if Glitch doesn’t provide a more recent Python.

Python 3.11 would be ideal, since it has some significant performance improvements in comparison to 3.7.

Hi @simonw - our team is actively working on setting up our containers to be able to support updates to Python. I don’t have a timeline for when we’ll get there (things have slowed down a bit because it’s the summer and folks are on breaks) but this is absolutely on our radar and in action. I’ll let you know when I have something more substantial to report!


Hi @jenn is there a way you could you prioritize this request please? My project is currently blocked because some dependencies requires python >= 3.8. I see older post around the same topic, i.e. having a more recent python version in the containers.

Is there any temporary workaround to use a higher python engine version for a specific project?

you can try this project with my build of python 3.10 if you need. it takes longer to start up from sleep because it has to reinstall python and pip and dependencies each time though

Many thanks, I could not make it work for me though

Thanks for your response @jenn — I do know infra stuff like this is really difficult!

Is the best way to keep on top of this to watch this post, or is there another approach you’d recommend? (My personal use case is that I’m trying to experiment with Django on Glitch, and Django 4 requires Python >= 3.8.)

@jenn are there any news to this? I’d love to use the new discord interaction features with my bot :slight_smile:

major container update in the first quarter of 2024

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