Question for the community: what eslint rules do you wish were default on Glitch?

Hi! We’re taking a look at our default eslint rules, as there are some newish JavaScript features and requests that come through occasionally to us on social media. We’d love to know what you all in here think:

What eslint rules do you wish were default on Glitch? This could be individual rules or style guides you like, such as Airbnb’s iconic config!

And an important disclaimer: I’m extremely not interested in starting a heated debate on what the best code formatting practices are, there are plenty of those online. I want to know what you all prefer personally while you work in Glitch so we can take all of your voices into consideration when we make future updates. And in case you didn’t know, you can already add your own custom rules with an eslint config file if you don’t like the defaults we choose.


I personally do not have any specific set of rules in mind, but I think something as encompassing as the Airbnb style guide, or similar style guides, may be a little to strict for a beginner friendly environment like Glitch.

In my mind the rules should be there to help beginners to write clean enough code so other people can understand it (and possibly help them), but at the same time be permissive enough to allow them to develop their own preferences, without being influenced by a particular style guide.

Something I have seen a lot of beginners having troubles with is consistent indentation, so a rule like "indent": ["warn", 2] may be a good thing; warn to differentiate it from “real” errors, and 2 because that is the indent the prettier button in the editor uses.

On a slightly other topic, but still related to ESLint. I can see the update to the editor came with fixes for some of the bugs surrounding ESLint configuration comments. It is now possible to have full control over each file, so big thanks to the Glitch team for this.

Now that you are in the process of changing ESLint rules, do you have any plans to add support for the overrides key in the .eslintrc.json file?


Hi there - I just got an update on the overrides key support. The team had looked into what we’d need to do to add support and for the time being we aren’t able to do the work needed to get that support for now. We’ll revisit it when we do future work on the linter!